Our factory has been equipped with 2 assembly lines. In 2019 we produced around 22.000 electric bicycles. In 2022 we have grown up to 48.000 electric bicycles produced. The estimated maximum factory capacity with 2 assembly lines is around 100.000 bikes, but we are investing into 1 extra Holland Mechanics hanging product line in order to improve our flexibility, working ergonomy and efficiency. This would increase our estimated maximum capacity to 150.000 bikes yearly.

Every bike will get a full functional test after the wiring department. All electric functions will be tested, but also the brake and the gear function. All adjustments needed to assure a good functionality will be done in the factory before packing. If a motor makes too much noise, or a brake is not functioning as it should, we will replace them to avoid as much as possible issues in your warehouse or workshop.

At this moment we are running tests with our own developed ERP system, 100% designed for our company. All departments will be controlled by this software and also a track&trace is part of this ERP. After full implementation, our OEM customers will be able to login to the system and have a real time overview about the status of their orders.

Sangal - E-Bikes

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