Who is Sangal E-bike Manufacturing Lda?

Sangal has been established 62 years ago and has decided in 2018 to start to focus on the development, production and/or assembly of e-bikes for the European and (Latin) American market. A growing and promising market with growing demand and fast innovation.

Our factory is located in Aveiro within the “bike valley” in Portugal. At the moment we have 8.000 square meter available for the assembly of electric bicycles. The production location at this moment is equipped with 2 assembly lines, but with room for 2 more assembly lines the total maximum capacity of our assembly location is nearly 100.000 e-bikes per year.

The warehouse for incoming goods has almost 2.000 pallet positions and is entirely integrated into our ERP system which results into efficient orderpicking. We are adding 2 more warehouses nearby our main location to increase our capacity and increase the availability rate for production.

Sangal has it’s own wheel assembly by using Holland Mechanics lacing, stretching and truing machines. In total we use 3 truing robots to minimalize the re-adjustment required for smaller production runs.

We are still busy to build and train our production and quality staff to achieve the highest possible level of quality that can meet the demands of our customers. Our biggest customers are active in the Dutch market where demands on the finishing of the bikes are quite high.

We are ready to welcome new customers who are looking for a professional assembly partner, or a partner that is able to develop new models and arrange the complete supply chain, including sourcing.

For inquiries we invite you to contact us by mail or, even better, plan a visit to our company and convince yourself.

Quality above quantity

Especially at the start of the new product we are very focused on achieving a high level of quality awareness. The history from Sangal used to be normal bikes, quite often low-cost. In case of e-bikes, demands for quality, especially where it concerns safety, are much higher and for that reason it is important that all employees are aware of our quality demands.

Unless our customer prefers us not to do so, we ride every bike, to be sure all functions are 100% working, the brakes are functioning well, there are no annoying noises, the gears are working fine, the motor is working properly and all other functions like the speed read-out, lights and walk assist will do the job as requested.

Pollution and recycling

In recent years, the topic of pollution and recycling has been discussed a lot, as it’s something that has been worrying the world, recycling methods have been created to try to improve the situations we are experiencing at the moment, such as air pollution, pollution because of plastics and waste from companies/factories, so alternative projects and ways are being created for less pollution and greater reuse so that we can make better use of the land and a good quality of life for us. 

The company Sangal E-bike Manufacturing,LDA, in terms of recycling, seeks to promote the correct management of waste related to the bicycle’s life cycle, by being included in the integrated waste management systems at the level of cardboard and plastic, batteries and tires that are incorporated in its products, on pollution the company has recently started to promote environmental sustainability policies among its employees, for example, they delivered individual reusable bottles for water consumption by each employee instead of plastic bottles.

Mission, vision and values

Mission: Sangal wants to become a reference company as a producer and supplier of electric bicycles and their components, in a continuous search to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and to create value for all interested parties with whom we interact.

Vision: Sangal’s main factors are its success as a bicycle manufacturer and supplier, the quality of its services and products and the innovative design of its bicycles.

Values: Values represent the affirmation we have of our beliefs and are the characterization of our company. 

Sangal assumes as its values:
Transparency, Rigor and Trust;
Environmentally Friendly;
Improvement of relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and the general public;
Quality assurance of its products and services;
Commitment and enhancement of human resources;
Ethical behaviour.

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Sangal - E-Bikes

Contacts & Location

Zona Industrial da Mota - Rua 7 Lote A11
3830-527 Ílhavo Portugal


+351 234 136 613

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Monday to Friday - 8AM to 5PM

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